Dr. Karen Williams Middleton and Pamela Nowell at the ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference in Turku, Finland

Recently, Pamela Nowell (alumni and current doctoral candidate at MORE) and Dr. Karen Williams Middleton presented papers at the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (www.ecsb.org) conference on Entrepreneurship Education, in Turku, Finland.

The conference focuses on ‘The Questions We Care About’ in entrepreneurship education emphasizing how we can improve our understanding and effective impact on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial action through education.  The conference is only in its second year, and attracts individuals engaged in delivering and researching about entrepreneurship education both within and outside institutional (university) environments.

Pamela delivered a plenary presentation to the entire conference delegation discussing team effectiveness within nascent ventures – research which has developed from her Masters Thesis she performed during the education.  Karen presented a paper (co-authored by Mats Lundqvist and Pamela) discussing the importance of role expectations in helping to form both the individual’s entrepreneurial identity, and the identity of the new firm – to read more, see the research section of the website. 3E Conference 2014 in Turku.

Check the photos of the event here https://apps.utu.fi/media/kuvat/3E-Conference-Turku/
and a conference video here http://youtu.be/pnRy2y2lWd4.
You can also read tweets from the conference: #3eTurku.

We support the Gothenburg Start-up Hack


Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship are proud to support the Gothenbirg Start-up Hack 2014 – a hackathon about igniting the startup community, celebrating creativity and opening up the world of tech to more people.

Find more information on http://gbgstartuphack.com/

Gothenburg Startup Hack

Gothenburg Startup Hack is about building and demoing a product prototype.

We prefer fresh ideas and technological innovationover a solid business case. Don’t worry about the numbers or the bottom line — use your imagination, think outside the box and go nuts!

This hack is about building stuff — a demo with just a PowerPoint presentation ain’t gonna fly.

Once you have put together a versatile team, make sure to sign up before the application deadline — April 13.

We think that the best teams are made up of people with different skills and different backgrounds.

We recommend team sizes between 3 to 5 people.


Marika receive year-long internship at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London


We are happy that our ICM-student Marika Källman has been rewarded with the 2014 Anders Wall scholarship for a year’s internship at Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London.

Marika is currently in Nicaragua doing her ICM master’s thesis. There, she will participate in a joint research project with participants from Canada, Sweden and Nicaragua who together built up a biobank for cancer research. Marika will study how the research results can be handled in the form of intellectual capital and develop a type of business model to protect them at commercialization

- Research Innovations may otherwise result in expensive medications that people in poorer countries still can not afford to buy, she says.

Read the full story at Chalmers.se (in Swedish)

Alumni Nina Bake about to become the youngest female CEO on Stockholmsbörsen.

Skärmavbild 2014-03-11 kl. 10.58.40

Nina Bake is CEO of Episurf Medical. The company has developed an implant, a few millimeters wide, which among other things is supposed to repair a cartilage injury in the knee joint.

This method means that the implant will replace what is damaged – not the whole trail. Now, the company implements a controlled product launch of orthopedic surgeons and clinics in Europe. A full-scale launch is expected later this year.

In 2010 the company took the step into AktieTorget and two years later, stepping on to First North. Now looms the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The plan is a listing of the shares in the second quarter.

Read a full article at Svenska Dagbladet