//About Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship was founded in 1997 and is an integrated part of Chalmers’ strategy of being an entrepreneurial university that takes responsibility for sustainable growth through innovation and entrepreneurship and was the highest ranked advanced entrepreneurship program by the Swedish government in 2009.

As regards to developing new companies, Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship increases both the quantity and quality of an early-stage deal flow stemming from research and innovations. At Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, the responsibility of commercialization is spread beyond the shoulders of one individual – typically the researcher or inventor – to a team of venture creators, in a process that emphasizes sophisticated entrepreneurial learning. Thereby, the education adds entrepreneurial drive and commercializes technology otherwise trapped in an idea- or research-stage.

Spring 2009, the Swedish National agency for higher education ranked Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship to be the best entrepreneurship education in Sweden.