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We define Entrepreneurship as acting upon opportunities and ideas and transforming them into value for others, where said value can be experienced as financial, cultural and/or social.

Our research aim is to understand entrepreneurial processes in order to enable, translate and transform entrepreneurial engagement and practice both in the learning space, and in the field.  We desire to directly (and constructively) impact and guide value creation efforts.

The research conducted in ERG – Entrepreneurship Research Group – at MORE is dedicated to understanding and fostering entrepreneurship not only among our students but also in society at large.  While at the core, research utilizes action research methodologies, our methodological approach also include other qualitative as well as mixed qual-quantitative studies.  Our theoretical and level of analysis spread is illustrated through the profiles of research group members.

 Recent Publications

Author(s): Butler, C. & Williams-Middleton, K.

Title: Entrepreneurial competency development through team conflict

Journal: International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Year: 2014

Pages: (online 13/11)

Author(s): Karlsson, T., Honig, B.

Title: An Institutional Perspective on Business Planning Activities for Nascent Entrepreneurs in Sweden and the US

Journal:Administrative Sciences

Year: 2014

Author(s): Lundqvist, M.

Title: The importance of surrogate entrepreneurship for incubated Swedish technology ventures

Journal: Technovation

Year: 2014

Vol(lss): 34(2)

Pages: 93-100

Author(s): Williams-Middleton, K. & Donnellon, A.

Title: Personalizing Entrepreneurial Learning: a pedagogy for facilitating the Know Why

Journal: Entrepreneurship Research Journal

Year: 2014

Vol(lss): 4(2)

Pages: (Online 14/01/08)

Author(s): Lackéus, M. & Williams-Middleton, K.

Title: Venture Creation Programs:bridging entrepreneurship education and technology transfer

Journal: Education + Training

Year: 2014

Vol(lss): 56(7)

Author(s): Arpiainen, R-L, Lackéus, M., Täks, M. & Tynjälä, P.

Title: The sources and dynamics of emotions in entrepreneurship education learning process

Journal: TRAMES (Journal of Humanities and SS – Estonian Academy of Sciences)

Year: 2013

Vol(lss): Dec

Author(s): Williams-Middleton, K.

Title: Becoming entrepreneurial: establishing legitimacy in the nascent phase

Journal: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research

Year: 2013

Vol(lss): 19(4)

Pages: 404-424

Author(s): Lundqvist, M. & Williams-Middleton, K.

Title: Academic entrepreneurship revisited: university scientists and venture creation

Journal: Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development

Year: 2013

Vol(lss): 20(3)

Pages: 603-617

Author(s): Fogelberg, H. & Lundqvist, M.

Title: Integration of academic and entrepreneurial roles: The case of nanotechnology research at Chalmers University of Technology

Journal:Science and Public Policy

Year: 2013

Vol(lss): 40(1)

Pages: 127-139

Author(s): Palmås, K & Lindberg, J.

Title: Livelihoods or ecopreneurship? Agro-economic experiments in Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Journal: Journal of Enterprising Communities

Year: 2013

Vol(lss): 7(2)

Pages: 125-135

Author(s): Karlsson, T., Honig, B. & Hagg, G.

Title: The Blessing of Necessity and Advantages of Newness

Journal: Advances of Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth

Year: 2013

Vol(lss): 15

Pages: 63-94

Author(s): Henricson Briggs, K. and Palmås, K.

Title: The translation of an incubator: the case of the Lighthouse in Bubulo, Uganda

Journal: Annals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Year: 2012

Vol(lss): 3

Author(s): Palmås, K.

Title: Re-assessing Schumpeterian assumptions regarding entrepreneurship and the social

Journal: Social Enterprise Journal

Year: 2012

Vol(lss): 8(2)

Author(s): Ollila, S. and Williams-Middleton, K.

Title: The venture creation approach: integrating entrepreneurial education and incubation at the university

Journal: International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Year: 2011

Vol(lss): 13(2)

Pages: 161-178

Author(s): Lundqvist, M. & Williams-Middleton, K.

Title: Promises of societal entrepreneurship: Sweden and beyond

Journal: Journal of Enterprising Communities

Year: 2010

Vol(lss): 4(1)

Pages: 24-36