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Partnership programme

Many large organizations experience that they struggle with creating renewal in their established structure, even though intense market competition is pushing them to innovate at an increasingly faster pace. Our ambition is to help organizations in working with this problem. By having students from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship working for a year in your environment with an initiative that you choose, they (and we) support you to develop your ideas into true value ventures. Unique cutting edge methods and a proven entrepreneurial set-up will drive initiatives forward to launch products and services in order to stay competitive.


Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is one of the most advanced and successful entrepreneurship master programs in the world. It uses a pedagogy that allows students to create value and has through its incubator created 53 companies with an accumulated value of 1.5 billion SEK.

Because of a noticed gap between innovation and business creation in companies, a corporate track for educating corporate entrepreneurs was added within the program. This way graduates can link disruptive innovation to established business initiatives. The education facilitates world-class research in innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate strategy and technology transfer which the students take part of.

What we offer


Entrepreneurial talents and skills.

Through the Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab (E.L.L.), student teams push entrepreneurial innovation forward within existing corporations, managing high-risk projects in a low-risk environment. By using their skills and knowledge they create dramatic changes in existing markets or even create new markets.

The E.L.L. lab consist of three components spread over the course of 1,5 years. Optional modules include Seminars and Lab modules for your employees to attend.

- Drive. The E.L.L. team consists of top students specially selected for their high competence and drive.
- Support. As part of the E.L.L. you have access to an action-oriented faculty with entrepreneurial and corporate experience.
- Value Creation. The students are trained to create value by applying the latest theories in practice.

How it is done



Idea Evaluation

SPRING/SUMMER 2016 The Idea Evaluation phase is based on your potential project. It contains essential components in the evaluation process, such as intellectual property rights, risk analysis, scenario planning, verification and financing.

Venture Creation

AUTUMN 2016 The team takes your innovation project from first idea to realization and through the early stages of ambiguity. The process is supported by intense teaching modules, mainly on methods for entrepreneurial work in large organizations, feedback loops, reviews, coaching and peer learning.

Project Realization

SPRING 2017 A continuation of the autumn term with validation and verification of developed assumptions and business hypotheses that will be further tested in real-life business settings in order to gain traction and create buy in within the organisation.


- Students are in the driver’s seat
- 1-2 internal champions
- Steering group
– 1 from firm, preferably internal ”high” sponsor (”chairman”)
– 1 from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship faculty with competence in corporate venturing
– 1 external expert to be recruited by the students and approved by the firm and Chalmers

- Steering group decides only about student time allocation, not about firm’s resources

Suitable Projects

- Early stage
- Really new or radical
- Business, technology, product, process or organization
- Potential market contact is mandatory
- Firm willing to direct additional resources to the project if it takes off


- Partaking in part 1-3 is mandatory
- Partaking in part 4 (lab modules) and part 5 (stand alone seminars)
- Participation in the program costs SEK 100’ (+VAT) per part and hence the basic cost is SEK300’ (+VAT).
- Cost for travel and accommodation for the students is covered by the company partner


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