//IDEA League Challenge Program

The IDEA League Challenge program is in short a program of extra-curricular activities offered by four universities – TU Delft, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen and Chalmers. It consists of four modules in the form of long weekends (Thursday evening – Sunday afternoon) – one at each participating university.

Who can participate

Each university sends 5-6 students to the program. The students are typically selected from some kind of Honors program (top students), and all have a background in “pure” engineering subjects (this will be the case also at Chalmers). Students can apply for the Challenge program when they apply for the different tracks at the School of Entrepreneurship. It is assumed that the students are interested in future leadership roles, both in the public and private sector. It is further assumed that they are interested in issues at the intersection of technology and society, to be more specific: leadership, politics, entrepreneurship, policy making.

Features of the Challenge program

Students work with real world problems, not with toy problems – students will experience the complexity of these problems, will experience what the strengths and weaknesses are of their engineering mindset and skills and will learn and develop new skills. We are design-oriented: students should not only analyze problems, but should also design and present solutions. Working at this intersection requires different mindsets – the analytical mindset of the engineer, but also and in addition: a high tolerance of ambiguity, inherent to human behavior. The extended weekends in the four cities will be like a pressure cooker: at the start students will be faced with a problem, within three days they should present both an analysis and a design of solution.


Each selected student receives a stipend of 12 000 SEK to participate at the four long weekend modules. Of this amount 6 000 SEK will be paid at the start of the programme and the remaining 6 000 SEK will be paid to the participants upon their completion of the programme. Housing is provided by institution that offers the module. Dinner on Thursday is included, as well as lunches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All other expenses (travel, dinner, other) have to be paid out of the budget 12 000 SEK.


An IDEA League certificate will be provided after successful completion of the IDEA League Challenge Program. The courses will be listed on the certificate.

Ing-Britt Carlsson (ing-britt.carlsson@chalmers.se) is administratively responsible for the IDEA League Challenge Program from Chalmers’ side.

Tobias Fredberg (tobias.fredberg@chalmers.se) is responsible from the Chalmers faculty side.