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A key feature of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is our internationally renowned master’s programme Entrepreneurship & Business Design. The two year International Master of Science programme develops your entrepreneurial ability through a combination of classroom teaching, simulated business scenarios and the development of real R&D based innovation projects.

Masters Programme Tracks


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The development of real value as part of the education is the key to the rapid learning phase of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. We offer a true learning-by-doing education, mixed with the reflectiveness of an academic master’s programme, which allow students to hit the ground running after graduation.

Since 1997 we have educated individuals prepared for business development and value creation in a knowledge economy, through our action based pedagogy where entrepreneurship is experienced and not only taught in classrooms.

Educating The Future Leaders

Today’s knowledge-based economy requires people with entrepreneurial capacity – individuals with the ability to seize opportunities, take the initiative and solve problems in creative ways. At the Entrepreneurship and Business Design programme we educate future entrepreneurial leaders, with the ability to create and manage innovative firms and projects. We teach students to understand the complexity of the knowledge-economy and provide them with tools that allow them to create new sustainable value. This entrepreneurial capacity in combination with skills in knowledge-based business design is a much appreciated quality in both start-ups, large corporations and beyond.

Two Exciting Years

The development of real value as part of the education is the key to the rapid learning phase of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. We offer a true learning-by-doing education, mixed with the reflectiveness of an academic master’s programme, which allow students to hit the ground running after graduation.

Our students are involved in real innovation projects already during the first year, and take on an even bigger responsibility during the second year. During the master’s programme our students focus their entrepreneurial commitment in three main areas, Venture Creation, Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurship.

Regardless of educational background or preferred specialisation track, the master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Business Design will provide students with two exciting and challenging years. Here you find a few snap-shots of the practical elements that are included in our master’s programme and example of how students create real value already during their education.

Business Creation Lab

aumni13Each year in September a group of new and excited students arrive to sign up for a challenging but rewarding two years at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. The intense first weeks create strong bonds between students and faculty and are the start point for the Business Creation Lab where students learn the foundation of business design and entrepreneurship. The Business Creation Lab is a mix of theoretic studies and simulated business scenarios.

Idea Evaluation

innovationsTo really get un understanding of how to evaluate potential value in innovations, the students engage in the Idea Evaluation course during the first year. In this course, the student get access to real innovations from researchers and scientist from around the world, their task is to evaluate the commercial potential of the idea. This work is an important and valuable part of the academic innovations system.

Social Entrepreneurship Projects

2012-06-01 13.21.43Our students carry the proud tradition of initiating and carry out a social entrepreneurship project each year.  The projects differ from each year and previous projects have taken the students to different places around the world.

This experience develops the students entrepreneurial and teamwork abilities and offers an opportunity to use their entrepreneurial spirit to create a positive change in society.


Summer Internships

Business People Working In OfficeWhen the Swedish summer comes as a reward after a demanding first year many of our students find them selves in exciting internships and summer employments.

At the Innovation Office West at Chalmers, many of our talented students have been employed as much appreciated innovation developers during summer, giving them even more experience in regards of innovation realisation.

The Project Year (Venture Creation Tracks)

Inc1The last year is known as the project year where students form groups and are paired with idea providers to develop innovation projects. Together as a team and supported by faculty and business coaches, the students work to find the commercial potential of the innovation.

Read more about the Venture Creation process and its results here

Student Backgrounds

Our team-based pedagogy is suitable for students with various backgrounds including technology, bioscience, design, business, information technology and law. Our aim is to develop the student’s entrepreneurial ability and provide them with both tools and hands-on experience that will allow them to make the most of their previous acquired skills and knowledge. The dynamic mix of students and background creates a learning environment where you learn as much from your classmates as from the faculty.

Career Opportunities

Many of our alumni continue their path by working in new ventures, either as start-up managers for their own firms, often started as part of the education. Others join already existing start-ups and growth companies. We also see a large amount of students joining large and established companies, where their ability to understand complexity and willingness to create change is a highly appreciated competence. The creative and independent problem solving ability of our alumni also make them attractive employees for consultancy firms.