//Bioscience Venture Creation Track


The bioscience track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship focuses on bioscience entrepreneurship and developing bioscience ventures.

Through the bioscience track in the interdisciplinary international Master of Science program the students gain tools and hands-on experience into business creation of real-life innovation project.

At the bioscience track, students will apply tools and gain access to the network necessary to master an early-stage venture in the field, as well as be capable to manage projects with critical time demands, regulatory issues and large growth potential. Students will develop the skills to create new ventures by designing the legal, technical, and business related structures that form a successful venture.

The Challenge

The bioscience industry is rapidly changing, both in Sweden and internationally. Companies are facing new challenges and need to find new business models. Old established structures are likely to be replaced with more innovative and network based models spanning between public and private actors. This change creates a demand for people capable of bridging the gap between bioscience research and business creation and for individuals capable of identifying new business models.

We believe that people capable of understanding both the bioscience and the business perspective of the bioscience industry has what it takes to shape its future. It is for this reason the bioscience venture creation track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship was created.

We offer students a chance to get hands-on experience from business creation in the bioscience industry, while equipping themselves with the entrepreneurial capabilities necessary to create value from research and innovation in bioscience. This allows students to take part in building new ventures and contribute to new sectors such as green biotech, diagnostics and medical devices.

Course Structure


Reality-based Aspects of the Education

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is based on a learning-by-doing concept that allows the students to work close to reality in different ways as an integrated part of the academic education.

Real Venture Creation

During the second year of the bioscience tracks you will team up in groups of two or three students around an innovative idea that the education provides. The idea is of bioscientific character from either academia or industry; in either case you and your fellow students will be the business developers and the managers of the project. You and the team will have your own office space, the base to form the innovation idea into a real company.

After Graduation

After graduation a bioscience track student will have a broad education in all aspects of modern business design within the bioscience industry. Some of the students will continue with their projects and turn them into real ventures, other will take different roads, but all students are really attractive to employ.

Potential Ownership in Start-up Companies

Each year we incorporate approximately 4-5 of the innovation projects being developed by the students as part of their education at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. This creates an opportunity for one or more of the students involved in the project carry on as the CEO of the newly formed company.

Each student involved in an innovation project that is successfully incorporated into a firm gains an ownership stake. Students who continue to work operatively normally obtain an even larger share.