//Corporate Entrepreneurship Track

The Corporate Entrepreneurship track offers the students to develop entrepreneurial skills to handle large scale of complexities in large firms, in enabling innovative new products and services to be developed. Corporate entrepreneurs can be found in all parts and levels of an organization, and is defined as the way these persons are attracted by challenges and ways how to develop innovative solutions to truly difficult dilemmas.

iStock_000019094629MediumThe Corporate Entrepreneurship track will focus on the role and skills of a corporate entrepreneur – to equip the students with tools needed to act entrepreneurially and successfully navigate in a corporate setting within the organizational complexity, rules and processes of a large cooperation – that on the one hand offers large amount of resources for innovation and development, but at the same time demands much from the individuals in terms of entrepreneurial skills to succeed.

The Challenge

Many global and large firms are facing intense competition and need to innovate at a faster pace to succeed on the global markets. The challenges for established firms is to create and launch innovative products, services and offers, more often, to stay competitive.

In this innovation-based economy, established firms need more of entrepreneurial skills and leadership, on all levels to accomplish a higher pace of innovation on the global market.  With improved entrepreneurial behaviour in large firms we may see more high-risk with high-reward innovations, and organizations enable to re-new their capabilities.

Course Structure


Reality-based Aspects of the Education

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is based on a learning-by-doing concept that allows the students to work close to reality in different ways as an integrated part of the academic education.

Innovation Projects at Partner Firms

In the Corporate Entrepreneurship track the students work hands on in a real and innovative project of a large firm, where they will be able to develop and reflect on entrepreneurial behaviour and skills. In those projects the students will work in close collaboration with management from industry.

After Graduation

Students from this track typically take on corporate careers in which they contribute to new business and product development. Many will be attracted to leading roles and positions in large corporations in a variety of areas. Typical initial career positions are within business development, project management, as management trainees etc.