Challenge Your Perspectives – The Swedish Scholarships Awards 2015

Challenge Your Perspectives – The Swedish Scholarships Awards 2015 Open for US students. How easily can you challenge your perspectives? Enough to innovate as much as Sweden? Well then, perhaps you should accept this challenge that Chalmers is posing to you. If you win, you get a full tuition fee waiver for one of the […]

Faculty member Karen Williams Middleton becomes an Associate Professor

As part of advancing to the position of Associate Professor, one is required to deliver an informational lecture on one’s own research (and practice) area of focus.  On September 3rd, I delivered such a lecture entitled ‘Nascent Entrepreneurship: Exploring learning, identity development and team dynamics in the early stage of entrepreneurship’.  The lecture explored my main area of […]

How our entrepreneurship students learn and how we can improve assessment of entrepreneurial learning

An intriguing master thesis was completed just before summer by one of our students at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, read it here. The student, Christoffer Kjernald, had taken a theory from my research and tested it on his classmates. He labeled it “the proxy theory”, and it basically says that activities can be used as a […]

Creating a Nordic Entrepreneurship Platform Together with the Nordic 5 Tech Universities.

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship is proud to announce that we will lead the work of creating a Nordic Entrepreneurship platform, bridging entrepreneurs and ventures from the entire nordic region. Thanks to funding from VGR and with the help from our friends at the Nordic 5 Tech universities, we fell confidence that we can co-create something great […]

Factors related to salaries of Chalmers Alumni

During this spring, we have been asking Chalmers Alumni some questions around how they perceived the entrepreneurial environment at Chalmers at the time of their studies, and what they which Chalmers would do more of. We are still in the process of analyzing this data more in depth. As a part of the survey we […]

Students and Alumni succeed in Venture Cup

Last night the regional finals of Venture cup took place. Besides the joy of participating at the great event arranged here in Gothenburg, we are happy and proud to see so many of our students and alumni among the winners. Venture Cup Väst Moa, Linnea and Linda from MelVitas won both the category Life science […]