Faculty member Karen Williams Middleton becomes an Associate Professor

As part of advancing to the position of Associate Professor, one is required to deliver an informational lecture on one’s own research (and practice) area of focus.  On September 3rd, I delivered such a lecture entitled ‘Nascent Entrepreneurship: Exploring learning, identity development and team dynamics in the early stage of entrepreneurship’.  The lecture explored my main area of interest, the nascent stage of the emergent entrepreneurial process, when both the individual and the idea/object is developing for the first time towards becoming entrepreneurial.  At the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship (in collaboration with Encubator), we facilitate a journey through this nascent phase, where ideas become new start-ups and students learn how to act entrepreneurially, or even become entrepreneurs in the new start-ups.  This process of becoming can be seen to include constructing an entrepreneurial identity.

The presentation outlines some of these views, and also gives an introduction to some recent work done independently and together with colleagues, both at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, and at other institutions engaged in similar types of entrepreneurship education.

Docent Lecture_KWM Sept 3 2014

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