Chalmers Commits to Strengthen Efforts within Entrepreneurship

Chalmers announced today that they are gathering forces to strengthen and scale up their entrepreneurship activities. By combining the strengths of Encubator (incubation partner to Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship) with Chalmers Innovation the idea is to raise the ambitions of what can be accomplished. The consolidation of the incubators is accompanied with 300 million SEK of investment capital to be provided in over a 10 year period along with financing of the operations.

For Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship these new efforts mean that we will have an even stronger incubation partner, and it shows that we belong to a university determined to have a strong voice within venture creation entrepreneurship.

Acting CEO of the new venture creation company will be the current CEO of Encubator Linnéa Lindau, who is also an alumnus of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

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